Galaxy S9: Smart Phone for Smart People

Samsung Galaxy series are getting bigger and better. Each Galaxy flagship arrived with a propensity to break its previous trend with advanced features and specifications. The recent release S8 is a great example of this fact and now the spotlight is on the launch of S9 which is expected to a cutting-edge Smartphone. With many superior features Samsung is trying to give S9 the crown of Android king.

Galaxy S9

But there is a lot of time for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 as S8 is about to launch next month. It is expecting that the release date of Galaxy S9 will be on Jan or Feb 2018. To the middle of 2018, the technology is sure to be super advanced and everyone is expecting to experience an amazing Smartphone which will satisfy all the dreams of a Smartphone holder.

There is not yet any official news from Samsung about the release or features of S9 but form other unauthorised source, many news are coming. Here are some buzzed specifications of S9.

  • Samsung may not change much in design and concept of S9 than its previous release because S8 has an eye-catching metallic body. So S9 is expecting to come with metallic body, gorilla glass and a huge 6.2 screen display and 4K resolution. With S9 Samsung is going to offer a smoother feel and a better durability.
  • Galaxy S9 will have an 8 GB RAM with expandable internal memory up to 128 GB which was missing n S8.
  • If we move on to camera section, then we all know that today’s generation s how crazy about the selfies and pictures. So obviously Samsung will try to offer a high quality camera with S9. It has been reported that Samsung is working on setting up a dual camera for a 3D experience in this gadget. With a 30 MP rear and 16 MP front camera, S9 is going to create a great demand for itself in market. Auto focus, Optical image stabilization, rapid charging, wireless charging, 3D-4K are the special features that will arrive with Galaxy S9 release.
  • The trademark of Galaxy Note series, the S pen will be seen in an improved stage to offer a superior experience of flexibility and of course a high designed keyboard to speed up the typing skill of the user.
  • Exynos version with a first 16-core processor, a foldable display to fit the user’s pocket and a superfast charging facility will enhance the demand of S9 in market greatly. Yes, surprisingly Samsung is working to make Galaxy S9 as a foldable display which will allow the user to be fitted in his pocket.
  • This masterpiece of Samsung will be said to have a much quick charging facility that will offer 40% charging in only 4 minutes. It seems to be unbelievable but it is true.

All the above features are based on the gossips and outsourced reports as there is no publication from Samsung yet. But we are much expected to see a new high-tech Smartphone with many great features and specifications in 2018.

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