Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Defining Samsung’s Fortune

Every year, it seems that the world of Android has reached to its optimum but different leading brands as Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony launch a new flagship and turn the gear to take the optimum level of new limits, and similar solution that was not only wonderful but enough surprising for all the Android fans was recent Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, would be see another similar device in the same range? Yes we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the soul brother of Samsung Galaxy S7 yet to be revealed.

Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Image

Little about Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

In 2015, as scheduled, after a number of leaks and teaser images, Samsung has officially introduced smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both models are designed to surpass the success of Galaxy S5, last year’s flagship of Samsung. It is of course that the Galaxy S6 Edge will cost more than conventional S6 because of its two-edge display. If you remember the Galaxy Note Edge, it was clear that next beast from Samsung would feature the two-edge display but this year, it was little strange and now all expectations rockets set to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The recent presentation focus was made on an entirely new design, which received smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. It seems that Samsung has heard the users who urged the company to reconsider its position on the use for the manufacture of flagship smartphones materials. Although Samsung has decided to present its new generation flagship smartphone in two different guises, the design of both models is almost identical. Model Galaxy S6 received flat screen, metal edging frame and a protective glass on the front and back panels, while S6 Edge got all the same, except for the screen, which is curved on both sides. The plastic, which remained to be the main material for the flagship Galaxy smartphones for many years and now in favor of the metal and glass, is enough change that is difficult to overestimate. Now flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy look and “feel” like an expensive and high-quality device, as befits a product with a price tag. During the presentation, Samsung did not focus only on the design of the new flagship smartphone. A lot of time the South Korean giant has given the characteristics of the devices. Both models are equipped with the latest technology: 8-core Samsung Exynos (international version), 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of QHD, 3 GB of RAM, 32/64/128 GB of internal flash memory, 16-megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization, a new fingerprint reader, built-in button Home, infrared sensor heart rate, which, according to Samsung, helps the camera to determine the best white balance. The list of features is also called standards support wireless charging Qi and PMA, technology support fast charging batteries (new items are charged 1.5 times faster than the Galaxy S5), stereo speakers that reproduce sound in 1.5 times louder compared to S5, as well as built-in support for mobile payments service Samsung Pay (to perform transactions using NFC technology and MFT (LoopPay)).

With the new design, you have sacrificed few things and the most important is, Galaxy S6 Edge is no waterproof, you don’t have microSD card slot and primarily, battery is not easily accessible, however in Galaxy S6 Manual you could discover that how to remove the battery but it can void your warranty. Well, Samsung this is not fair. But the good news is for the next Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, you would get easily accessible battery, microSD card slot for expanding memory and waterproof characteristics. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Release Date Possibilities:

Galaxy-S7 Edge-rotatory-camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is first of its type, and it appeared, as the secondary version of Galaxy S6 and actually, it could be premium version not because it is expensive, but the display behind it is the reason. So, when you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge release date? Well, if we say just on the same day Samsung Galaxy S7 release date? Don’t worry we have an answer!

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 release date – April 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date – April 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 release date – March 2016??
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 release date – March 2016??
  • Galaxy S9 release date Jan 18
  • Google Pixel 2 next pixel phone release date?

If you remember, Galaxy S5 was revealed in the month of February 2014 and Galaxy S6 is revealed in the March month of 2015, and there is maximum possibility you could witness Samsung Galaxy S7 edge release date in March 2016. Or else there would be few days earlier or few days later, there would not be much difference.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specifications and Features:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge specifications would be inspired by its soul brother Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications. And primarily, difference would be in the design and display. Although, the display resolution for both beasts would be remain to the 4K-resolution.

Galaxy S7 Edge Side Looks

  • Snapdragon Qualcomm 83X processor with 3.X GHz or the branded Samsung Exynos 7X 8-core (little.Big.Bigger..) HMP Cyclone Technology
  • 6GB of RAM
  • Dual-Edge 4K resolution display
  • Blink Speed TOUCH ID button
  • Advanced payment and security system
  • Fastest charging capabilities – mere 5 to 10 mins
  • 27MP Ultra Low Light sensitivity rotatory camera
  • 8K video recording and 4K slow motion recording
  • Front Two Stereo Speakers
  • Removable Battery
  • Yes – microSD card slot

The above specifications are enough to define the level of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge specifications, but story is just started, we have a long way to discover more about features and specifications.

This year 2018, a lot new going to arrive. Google may follow the top of the chart by launching the Google Pixel 3 2018 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price:

At the moment, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price could not be defined but the range would be little higher than the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016. Also, you could hint from the present generation Galaxy S6 Edge as it would not be crossing this price barrier.

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When is the Galaxy S7 Edge release date? What is the Galaxy S7 Edge price? Galaxy S7 Edge specifications? Galaxy S7 Edge display? Galaxy S7 Edge processor? Samsung S7 Edge? Soon you would get all your answers, as we would be updating here everything that would be out or rumoured for Galaxy S7 Edge. Our recent update would be regarding the Galaxy S7 Edge concept images so stay tuned.

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